Payment Methods

Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are not inclusive of GST. The GST amount will be shown during check-out of the shopping cart.
Mode of payment includes major Credit Card payment (where you are the cardholder of that card), PayNow and Bank Transfer.

Bank Transfer

For pending payments via bank transfer, we will hold the purchased item/s for 2 working days. Should there be no response from the customer within 2 working days, the order will be cancelled automatically. Upon successful Bank Transfer payment completed, the customer will be advised to notify us via email on the payment transaction with an attachment screenshot of the bank transaction clearly showing the correct payment amount to SafetyFit bank account.
Should the payment amount be incorrect, the customer is advised to immediately notify us via email or call our office +65 6922 9933 to notify us of this discrepancy. Rectification for any payment shortfall has to be completed within 2 working days from the date when purchase is made or SafetyFit reserves the right to cancel the order and refund any paid amount to the originating bank account and make no warranty for the availability of the purchased item during this period.

Credit Terms

Credit Terms are available to corporate customers only after it has been reviewed and approved by our Credit Department. Pls email for more details.

Digital Coupons

Our electronic digital coupons may be used during payment. Digital coupons will be issued with their own set of conditions and they are specific to each version of the coupon. Please refer to the specific terms that come with the usage of digital coupons.